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  • Serena

    Awful delivery.  It takes ages to deliver the parcel and nobody will able to answer you where about.  The FAQ is not accurately reveal the truth.

    It usually takes 2 - 3 days to pick up the parcel from seller, e.g Lazada or Zalora.  then no update after departing from logistic centre.  When you called the customer service to ask the status, they will tell you it should wait 5 working days and you tell her that the date already elapse 2 weeks.  Then she will tell you to wait another 2 working days and see how.  Yes, the status then will be changed to ON HOLD.  After then, you have to pressure the seller at Lazada and Zalora.

  • carol

    Super duper slow delivery. Parcel needs 3 days to be picked up from Lazada. Then, another 5 working days to reach my destination (KUL-BKI) plus another 3 more days maximum for delivery.This is really unacceptable and ridiculous! When seek further information from customer service on the exact status / location of the parcel like, how long will the parcel reach BKI, whether the parcel has board the plane, whether the parcel is still at the airport warehouse, etc....they just said "in transit", that's all. No other information given due to they cannot even get hold of the updated information of the parcel. If I am not wrong, courier service means fast delivery, right? If 10 working days is needed, what is the purpose of courier service, then? I really hope Lazada or Zalora will consider stop using NinjaVan. They are really no up to par. 

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