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  • Ym

    when I received my items from ninja van and I found it was wet and have rusty on my pants and I was very disappointed about it because this is the first time I bought things through online.

  • Samsiah yaakub

    Hello admin. Pls check my item EN814927984MY. Already return to KLIA. 

  • mudaseraslam988

    Hello admin plz check my item

  • R.Logendren

    I've try to contact ninja service... no one pick up the call and also the emil didnt reply..

  • Samsiah yaakub

    Hello admin.....

  • Samsiah yaakub

    Services kmu bukan main. Balas nya tak de


    My parcel didnt show up yesterday due to delivery boy irresponsible. Pls make sure it arrive today.details as attached.
    Pls acknowledged this email.
    Pls call me at +60149690715 for shipment details

  • Sumjialeh


  • Sumjialeh


  • Justicegoh

    我的包裹要求reject 你们的工作人员要求我提供名字和IC 说等下有工作人员来回收 我上网查询一下说我签收了 你们的工作人员真厉害说谎 欺骗客人 签收

  • Kent Ong

    Customer service: "YOU LIKE IT OR TAKE IT!"

    From 24/11/18, Everyday keep on repeating the same process...transfer my parcel from warehouse A to warehouse B. YES, is EVERYDAY!! I even purposely stayed in office from 8:00am to 8:30pm (YES!! is 8AM to 8:30PM) in order to wait for Ninja Van to deleiver my parcel which they promised to delivered on that particular day. Until 30/11/18, still keep on repeating the "transiting ding dong" action. Making the empty promise and give the excuse that no one in office to acknowledge receive the parcel while I was there waiting for them.

    That parcel supposedly is a present for my son's birthday which now become non-birthday present due to Ninja Van's "EXCLUSIVE" service!

    Until today 30/11/2018, 4:55pm, still yet to received parcel which has been promised numerous time to be deliver tomorrow from day 1.

  • Sia Wang Yow

    when i will receive my item?




  • Ong meng kang

    When will you deliver the thing I ordered

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