Driver is late




  • amarzamri33

    My Tracking number : NLMY000001013821
    Were is my item? My contact 0125399432

  • leeseekim326q

    Tracking Id : NVMYSXCMY000548076

    Date Of Delivery : 25/03/2019

    Issue : delivery late

  • julhasrin99

    Tracking Id :NVMYAWEMA003095998

    Date Of Delivery : 4/9/2019

    Issue :my item so late

  • Eng Shi Wei

    Tracking Id : NLMY000001202481

    Out Of Delivery : 9/4/2019

    Issue : My Item so late never get

  • julhasrin99

    Tracking ID :NVMYAWEMA003095998
    Date Of Delivery:9/4/2019
    Issue:Dalivery so late,I dont get my item until now and i want to use it urgent

  • welcome_soon1985

    Tracking ID: MQI3221856362Z-02B
    Date of Delivery:13/4/2019
    Wait until 10pm also not receive the parcel and no call from driver, where is my items. I need it urgently.

  • karj0922

    Tracking id: NVMYSNC00000000174
    Date of delivery: 10/4/2019
    Issue: received sms for the option to collect the parcel myself and doorstep delivery,I thought by collecting myself should be faster so that I choose that option. I’m so regretted as the parcel still in transit in the sorting hub after almost a week. I felt really disappointed with your service, even my parcel from China also already arrived, but the status here still in transit.

  • Mohamed syawalluddin bin mohamed shamsuddin

    Tracking Id :NLMY000001329101

    Date Of Delivery : 26/4/2019

    Issue :i dont get my item

  • azura lath

    Tracking Id :
    Date Of Delivery : 29/4/2019

    Issue : not receive the parcel and no call from driver, where is my items. I need it urgently. 27hb until now not receive..

  • jamhirah

    Tracking id: NLMY000001357481

    Date of delivery: 4 May 2019

    Issue: driver not responsive.
    Called Ninja van customer service. Ask them a favour to inform the driver to give me a call (cz i dont have their no), so that i can go meet the driver wherever he is- to get my parcel. Cz u need to go outstation.
    Received sms at 9:40am saying ninjaVan will be delivering the item...waited till 3:30pm also driver have not arrive.
    I understand that the delivery is open system frm 9am- 10pm. But cz i need to travel and won’t b home for a long time, so desperately called the custermor service to help me notify the driver. Just call me & i’ll go & pickup the item WHEREVER he is. But till 3:30 no fon call, no delivery. Feeling frustrated & furius.

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