Driver did not show up (delivery is completed)




  • Aliang9230

    Tracking: znv288268526-8255

    Date of delivery: 25/4/2019

    Issue: In your tracking does not show any updates on current status. It should has been delivered on 25/4/2019. Is this NinjaVan motto? Very dissappointed.

  • santos tamang

    Tracking id:MI5281441495

    Issue: Driver did not show up and yet reported on the tracking system said no one to receive
    & reschudule back even though i was at my place whole day & quite surprise i get my package from LEX MY on the same day ..
    Dissappointed with status

  • kityeng_ho

    Date 14 may 2019
    Tracking number :

    i did not receive my item in this morning and yet the tracking update that it has been delivered. And the signature that shown in the tracking page was not belong to anyone of my family member who in the house in this morning too. None of them receive this item as there is no driver was appear there. There is no phone call receive in this morning as well. So i wish the parcel would not been simply dump away.

    This is very serious problem where the integrity of driver was not there. He was trying to imitate customer signature and giving wrong IC number on the document that he going to submit by living customer not receiving the parcel. How could it be so irresponsible by having such action?

  • nursyazwaniamirzakri

    Date Of Delivery : 16 /5/2019

    Issue : Call driver ninjavan kata nak hantar esok (17.5.2019) tapi tak sampai pun ?Seharian tunggu dekat rumah . Dan kenapa saya track no tracking saya kata dah delivered sedangkan saya tak ada pun terima barang saya lagi ? Perlu tunggu berapa lama lagi ! Please respondd asap.

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